About Us

Mallory Norrell was a college senior attending Baylor University majoring in photography.  She grew up in Canton Tx and was a member of Word of Victory Church. While attending Victory Christian School in first grade she wrote a paragraph expressing her desire to be a missionary when she grew up. Her first mission trip was with Teen Mania at age 15 to Peru.  In 2006 and 2007 she traveled to El Salvador where she found her passion for the people of Central America. Her last trip in June of 2010 sealed the deal for Mallory, she was headed to El Salvador to set up home after her graduation from Baylor.

While home for the Christmas holidays in December 2010, Mallory’s earthly journey ended and her eternal journey began as she lost her life in a car accident. Never has a family and a set of friends been more sure of anything as these are of the desire to continue Mallory’s call to missions.  It is an honor for us to form Mallory’s Heart Foundation and remind the enemy that God is still in control and now the call is multiplied many times more!

Our Mission

Mallory viewed people through her own lens of love and appreciation.  She saw everyone as having worth and value, deserving a chance to be their very best in life. In her 21 years of life she grasped the compassion of Christ more than most people do in a lifetime.   The goal of Mallory’s Heart Foundation is to carry out her vision for the nations by offering  people the opportunity to fully know Christ, His love, and their potential; to find their place in their world.

This foundation will also allow you, the supporters, to serve Christ through offering your prayer, donating your time and giving your contributions. Join us in our journey to fulfill the call of missions to the less fortunate, this is Mallory’s Heart.

Our goal is to BUILD, FEED AND EDUCATE in Central America, specifically in the country of El Salvador,  including such things as university scholarships as well as school supplies, feeding programs, building retaining walls,  assisting in building programs for churches in outlying areas and disaster relief when needed.  As funding and direction become available it is our desire to assist those in need throughout Central America.